Exodus wallet- A safe depository for your crypto coins 

If you have come here hunting about the in-depth details of Exodus wallet, you probably have come to the right place. The main aim of why we have created this document is to help our readers and let them make a deep analysis of what this wallet is, and whether they should opt for it, along with some exclusive details on how to get started with it.

So, if you are also interested to know about this wallet, then you can come along with me and learn all the basics of getting started. Shall we begin now??

In light of that, our first question has to be what is an exodus wallet ? So, I’ll be answering this in the section to follow.



In a world, where there are a lot of software and hardware wallets, the exodus wallet came as a software wallet that could store a wide range of major as well as lesser-known crypto assets. If you wish to have access to a simple yet efficiently-working wallet, then you are definitely going to give this wallet a thumbs up for it is designed by keeping in mind the entry-level crypto traders.

Although there already existed such crypto wallets, the team that created this wallet wanted to make sure that users from around the world should have access to a wallet that could easily comprehend their crypto storage needs. Once you start using this wallet, you are going to realize it very soon.

With that known, we are going to shed some light on another topic that definitely needs to be in this review. Yes, we are talking about the features that make it different from the rest.



When it comes to using a wallet (in any form), the first important thing that users look for is the ease-of-usability. In this regard, exodus wallet stands out from the rest as it has a very intuitive and beginner-friendly interface that is there to make your trading journey a better one. And yes, you are also given the option to change the color of the background of the wallet interface.



Unlike other wallets, the exodus wallet has an in-built trading exchange that can be used for the purpose of trading crypto assets. Using these features, you can involve in swapping the crypto assets and do a lot more.



While dealing with programs and software like these, you may face different problems. However, not all these problems can be solved by the users on their own. Hence, if you are coming across any kind of difficulty while using this platform, you can easily seek their email support which is highly quick and efficient.

Moving forth, let us now come to another important point- how to use the exodus wallet? So, we’ll be covering the answer to the same right away.



If you wish to gain access to all the features that are included in this wallet, then you need to download and set up a wallet by going through a very easy procedure. So, here is what you can do for the same:

  • To begin with, you first need to navigate to the official website of the wallet- https://www.exodus.com/
  • If you wish to use it on your phone, then you can simply open the Google Play Store/Apple App Store and search for “Exodus wallet” to finally download it
  • If you are on the web, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button on their homepage
  • Choose the device type/version on which you wish to get the wallet- Web3 Wallet, Mobile, Desktop
  • Click on the given “Install” option and then you’ll have the wallet software on your device
  • Now, open the wallet software, and then you can complete the wallet installation process
  • Once done with that, you need to secure your wallet by selecting the gear icon and then choosing a strong password to secure it
  • After that, you’ll be given a chance to save your seed phrase after doing which you’ll be able to secure your wallet with a secret key

Remember: It is very important that you keep several copies of your seed phrase because if this key is lost, you will lose access to your wallet.

Now that you have set up the wallet, you can start storing crypto assets in it. In case you are wondering how to do that, then you would find the next section very helpful.



If you are new to this wallet and wish to know how to store your purchased crypto assets into this wallet, then you can definitely go ahead and apply the steps that I have explained below:

  • First of all, complete the exodus wallet login procedure
  • Followed by this, you can click on the “Wallet” tab available at the left
  • Now, pick the crypto asset that you wish to add to this wallet- for example, DOGE
  • Then, select the “Receive” option
  • At this stage, you’ll be shown a QR code along with a wallet address
  • This is the code/address that you can share with someone from whom you’re expecting cryptos

Now, you can use the same address or the QR code on the trade tab of your preferred exchange and start sending crypto to this address. First, you can try sending a small amount.



One of the biggest questions that need to be answered here is- whether you can rely on this wallet or not. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Speaking about the security tactics it follows, we can say that the exodus wallet is definitely a safe wallet to work with. However, if you wish to enhance the security of your funds, we suggest you use a cold wallet or hardware wallet instead. At times, an exodus wallet may not be as safe as a hardware wallet because all your funds are saved online.



In short, we can say that the exodus wallet does the job that it has been allocated. If you are planning to use this wallet or just have started using it, then this guide could help you a lot. However, if you still have queries, we suggest you get them clarified only through their official portal. Lastly, I hope that you liked this read and found the piece of information here that you had been looking for.